Research Programs


The objective of this project is the development and clinical assessment of a tele-rehabilitation package for Parkinson’s patients. The package includes sensory-motor and cognitive exercise therapy and assessment protocols all implemented using a computerized platform and sensors. The system utilizes technologies such as motion capture, ground normal reaction force, virtual reality and biofeedback of the center of pressure. Several rehab exercise scenarios and assessment tools are being designed and clinically tested.

Computational Neuro-rehab

The objective of this research program is to develop mathematical models for better understanding of neuro-plasticity. The ultimate goal is to provide an estimation of the outcome of neurorehabilitation processes before the clinical trial and also assist in the design of subject-specific rehab programs.

Rehab robotics

This research program is aimed at the development of robotic tools for rehabilitation purposes. Currently, the program is focused on the optimum design of lower body powered exoskeletons as an assistive device.

Motion Analysis