Saeed Behzadipour


  • PhD in mechanical engineering, University of Waterloo (2005)
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology (2000)
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology (1998)


Research Area:

  1. Medical Robotics,
  2. Rehab Engineeirng


  1. Telerehabilitation
  2. Computational neuro-rehabilitation
  3. Robotics Rehabilitation
  4. Design and Development of a Mobility Recognition System in PD Patients for Tele-Rehabilitation
  5. Physical vs. VR Dual Task Exercises in Post-stroke Patients
  6. Development of integral indices based on a biomechanical model to evaluate upper limb motion quality of stroke patients
  7. Design of an Adaptive Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Exercise Based on Motor Fatigue Prediction for People with Stroke
  8. Quantitative Assessment of Parkinson Patient’s Upper Extremity Movements, Using Microsoft Kinect for Telerehabilitation
  9. Development of a tele-assessment system for balance in Parkinson’s disease using a force plate
  10. The Development of a Postural Control Model for Parkinson’s Disease to Predict the Balance Rehabilitation Effects
  11. Stroke neuromusculoskeletal modeling in order to understand rehabilitative interventions
  12. Quantification of the muscle fatigue in functional rehab exercises
  13. Robotic Rehabilitation
  14.  The effects of the connection stiffness of robotic exoskeletons on the gait quality and comfort
  15. Telerehabilitation  for postural instability in patients with Parkinson’s disease