Laila Alibiglou


  • Post-doctoral Fellowship in Movement Disorders Neurophysiology, Northwestern University, Chicago, United States (2012)
  • PhD in Neuroscience, Northwestern University, Chicago, United States (2010)
  • BSc in Physical Therapy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (2002)


  • Phone: 021-66716100 X102
  • Email:
  • website:
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Research Areas:

  1.     Systems Neuroscience
  2.     Neural Control of Human Movement
  3.     Neurorehabilitation
  4.     Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders


  1.    Sleep disorders and gait abnormalities in Parkinson’s disease
  2.    The impact of circadian dysfunction on cortical excitability
  3.    Neural mechanisms underlying the effects of sensory cues in Parkinson’s disease
  4.    Modeling Eye Movements of Parkinson Patients with and without Freezing of Gait
  5.    Design and Development of a Mobility Recognition System in PD Patients for Tele-Rehabilitation