Studying the effect of motor learning on joint motion coordination and muscle synergies during balance control

The purpose of this project is to investigate the effect of learning on kinematic and muscle synergies.

In this study we first put the subjects on a balance system which rotates randomly to various directions and ask them to control their balance while the system is working. Participants in the study were tested at 2 time points: (a) before any balance practice and (b) after some practice sessions. During the tests we collect EMG signals from different leg and trunk muscles. We also collect kinematic data with IRED markers to calculate the joint angles with Vicon Nexus system.

We hypothesized that training leading to skilled motor performance alters muscle and movement coordination during challenging as well as nominal everyday motor behaviors. We want to compare motor modules between professionally trained balance subjects and novices. We predicted that experts would use more motor modules than novices and also have modules composed of fewer coactive.

Research Team: Sina EsmaeiliHojat Karami

Supervisors: Farzam Farahmand,  Mina Arab Baniasad