Modeling Eye Movements of Parkinson Patients with and without Freezing of Gait

Freezing of gait is one of the disabling symptoms in Parkinson disease which reduces the quality of daily life. It is seen in about half of Parkinson patients.

The purpose of this research is to study Parkinson’s patients’ eye movement and its relation with freezing of gait. An experimental model of eye movement as well as an analytical model will be developed for two groups of Parkinson’s patients: with and without freezing of gait.

The foreseeable results are identifying kinematic characteristics of eye movements that can be used to distinguish between Parkinson’s patients with and without freezing of gait; and also developing an analytical model that can explain the underlying neuromuscular mechanisms in the two groups of the patients.

Research Team: Fatemeh Sadat DaeiNejad

Supervisors: Saeed Behzadipour , Laila Alibiglou